THANK POTATO Celebration

Celebrate the contribution that the potato makes to art, global agriculture, economies & world food security

THANK POTATO a Celebration of the Potato

Connecting communities through growing food arts science & a vegetable.

THANK POTATO pops-up at various events featuring an unique contemporary potato grow show, art & science exhibition.

We host discussion and talk on potato culture, history, economics and growing, including contemporary potato art work and fun potato workshops for children and adults. Our main permanent feature is the growing and harvesting of over 180 different heritage and heirloom potatoes on the rooftop of a secondary school in Dublin city centre.

Why grow Potatoes as an urban food project ?

The potato is the fourth most important food in the world. But so far, it has not featured prominently in the debate on food security. The potato crop is of key importance in that it provides high nutrition and is an adaptive species for climate change. Potatoes use less water per nutritional output than all other major food sources. 

The potato provides more food per unit area than any other major staple crop, three or five times that of wheat or rice. Potatoes are the perfect food and one of the few that can actually sustain life on its own. Potatoes have potential to double or treble current yields of 8 tonnes/ha using quality approved seed, improved varieties and more effective farm practices in developing countries.

Urban Farm's THANK POTATO potato collection is grown in up-cycled water cooler bottles and artificial grass off cuts, utilising waste stream materials to house and grow our potato plants. There are 180 different varieties of heritage and heirloom potatoes in the collection. Our seed potato came from an original collection of potatoes that has been amassed and cared for by gardeners Dermot Carey and David Langford 

THANK POTATO Celebration Tour has showcased numerous popular events since 2013

Bloom Fringe@ Constellation Wall.  Temple Bar

Dublin Garden Festival @ Christchurch Cathedral

The Dublin Rose Festival @ St. Anne Park. Clontarf

Dublin Maker @ Trinity College. Physics Lawn

Silent Running @ Urban Plant Life. Lighthouse Cinema

Electric Picnic@ Global Green

Dublin Parking Day @ St.Stephens Green  

Culture Night @ St.Stephens Green

National Potato Day @ Dublin City Centre

Celebration Tour Highlights have included: Potato Power at the Electric Picnic Music Festival where we will be investigating the potential of the Potato to be a future fuel source by attempting to break the Guinness World Record for measured volts from a potato battery involving discarded waste potatoes acting as natural power for a digital photo booth, capturing visitors portraits and up-loading them onto the internet through social media #thankpotato

On Street & Festival Pop-Up Urban Potato Farm installations, with over 180 different potato varieties on display in full growth and harvested samples. Free potato workshops with potato science experiments powering musical potato radio devices
Fun potato print t-shirt design workshops for adults and children. Potato cooking demos and tastings. Hosted talks and discussion on potato futures, economies and growing.

The THANK POTATO Celebration Tour ends every year with a Potato Harvest Event held during 0ctober  Ireland's National Potato Day  inviting members of the public to harvest heritage and heirloom potatoes on the spot which are then be prepared at Gallaghers Boxty House for the the close of Celebration dinner.

The goal of the THANK POTATO Celebration Tour is to become a museum, a community think-tank, an institution of learning, a potato farm and an art exhibition. The concept behind the idea demonstrates how the potato connects with people from all cultures and has the ability to affect positive social change

Ireland's urban gardens have never been more vibrant

From balcony growers to those with more ambitious ventures, Claire O'Mahony meets four urban farmers. Urban farmers talk reverentially about taste. They speak of the incomparable deliciousness of eating something that they have grown themselves and the satisfaction it brings them. But equally, how important urban farming is becoming in terms of its contribution to the economy and food availability; how it makes for a greater sense of community and how it builds a greener city, putting underutilized spaces to great use.  It is also playing a key role in educating people about eating locally and seasonally. From growing herbs in pots, to more ambitious horticultural pursuits, the concrete jungle is proving to be a fertile ground for many Irish urban farmers
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Belvedere College uses its rooftop to start an urban farm

Belvedere College is in one of the most urban locations in Ireland but that hasn’t stopped the boys’ school from starting a farm on its rooftop. The Dublin secondary school, a stone’s throw from O’Connell Street, is growing potatoes and a selection of vegetables, farming fish and keeping beehives. There are plans for chickens too, according to teacher Simon O’Donnell, who is Belvedere Farm’s project co-ordinator. He points to 180 varieties of heritage and heirloom potatoes, which are growing in water cooler bottles on one rooftop for Gallaghers Boxty House restaurant in Temple Bar


THANK POTATO  Project Partners URBANFARMPádraic Óg @ Gallaghers Boxty House

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"The THANK POTATO Celebration is an opportunity to help make communities aware of the wonderfully diverse aspects of the potato, not just as the most nutritious vegetable in the world, but also the very interesting role it plays in art and culture"

Opening Hours Monday to Sunday 12pm to 10.30pm (ish) 

Gallaghers Boxty House, 20-21 Temple Bar, Dublin 2. Ireland.

+353 1 6772762+353 1 6772762